September 2017
Vintage H.S. in Napa donated 4 teams sets of jerseys and shorts.

October 2017
The Pines Children Care Center contacted us after seeing our One World Futbol campaign. They asked us to send them 4 teams sets of uniforms.  The Pines Care Center is  a home for 30 children in Welkom, South Africa, an area that has been identified as having the highest rate of HIV/Aids

November 2017
San Ramon Valley HS, Dougherty Valley HS and College Park HS donated over 150 soccer uniforms.  

July 2018
We once again teamed with The Drew School in San Francisco who took 2 duffel bags of uniforms on their summer service learning initiative to Tanzania.  
Students worked with Foot 2 Afrika, an NGO, that focuses on providing vocational training in areas such as tailoring, plumbing, entrepreneurial, and computer skills, to women, girls, and youth who otherwise have no access to it.  

Jan 2015 We came up our idea when we were giving our old soccer jerseys to Goodwill. We started to wonder if there was a better use for these jerseys everyone in town throws out every year.

Boys and girls from Accra, Ghana receiving One Jersey. One Goal. jerseys and uniforms

April 2015 - Juary Jorge, a former Brazilian National and Santos Brazil Soccer player was in town, and we asked him to take 50 jerseys back home with him. This is what Juary had to say, ' the girls in the picture are from the City of Juquei in the south coast of Sao Paulo. They started a soccer team with the jerseys you donated and they are doing very well in their league.

April 2016
We sent 600+ jerseys to Haiti to support Sports Disciple.  Sports Disciple brings sports to the kids of Haiti, in particular the orphanages. Thank you to Uncle Taylor Bartels for the contact and your support.

A special thank you to our friend, Colleen Dillon, of for turning our logo idea into a reality.  You rock!!!

​​​​​​Who is One Jersey. One Goal. ? 

We are a non-profit organization founded by Samantha and Katie deGavre. 

Where will you send the jerseys? 

We will connect with organizations working with underserved kids in global communities.  To date we have sent jerseys to 12 countries including Brazil, Uganda, Antigua, Haiti, Kenya, Cambodia, South Africa, Zimbabwe and Tanzania. We are always looking to team with new partners.

How do you collect the jerseys?  

We collect year round and use social media to network with high schools, colleges and soccer clubs. Schools and clubs are regularly changing to new uniforms which is a great opportunity for us to amass their old ones.

Do you want shorts, socks and shin guards?

Although our main focus is jerseys, we will always take  shorts and new socks if clubs have those to donate.

Are you on Social Media? 

Yes!  ‘Like’ us under One Jersey. One Goal. 

and follow us on Instagram 

July 2017
We donated another 5 teams worth of soccer jerseys to the Young Warriors Futbol Club in Antigua! We also donated 5 indestructible soccer balls from One World Play Project! OJOG Co-founder Sam played a soccer game with the Young Warriors while the villagers watched from the sidelines!

January 2018
Coach Alex Lobban is taking 60 San Ramon Valley HS uniforms to Cambodia with his Rotary trip. Rotary Benicia teamed with GOPhilanthropic ( a foundation made up of a 'community' of partners, donors and grassroots organizations who believe that long-term, sustainable change happens at grassroots level, with the support and investment from all levels), and HUSK Cambodia ( HUSK works directly with communities to address their basic daily needs with the goal of supporting themselves and staying together)
​Update April 2018:
The kids from the Kompheim village in Cambodia held their first ever soccer tournament in One Jersey. One Goal. uniforms!!!

Sam, Katie and friends with some of the Young Warriors.


May 2015 -  In May, we shipped 100 each jerseys, socks and shorts to Uganda with the Cotton On Foundation.  

Six weeks later the gear made it to Busibo, Southern Uganda.  Here is a message from Cotton On Foundation to One Jersey One Goal, 'On behalf of the Uganda team, we are so grateful for your contribution towards our children in Southern Uganda especially the jerseys to Busibo schools.' - Christine Olal, Education Program Manager, Cotton On Foundation.

Coach Vesga from Monte Vista H.S. with one of the home team jerseys

Some of the Benicia Arsenal and South San Jose jerseys worn by the kids in Haiti

Foundation History

Thank you Maren Anderson ( Drew School ) for sharing the photos!

Niko Ruiz from Sacramento Republic U14 Boys team with 7 boxes of One Jersey. One Goal. uniforms.

Hoops 4 Hope recipients in Zimbabwe wearing DVC Basketball jerseys and shorts

August 2017
Diablo Valley College (DVC) donated soccer, softball and basketball uniforms.  We are sending the softball uniforms to Pitch In For Baseball, and the basketball uniforms are shipping to Hoops4Hope, who will be sending them to a kids program in Zimbabwe this Fall.
Update October 2017:
A letter from Hoops 4 Hope:

'Dear Samantha and Katie,
On behalf of our kids in Zimbabwe, I would like to thank you for your wonderful donation of jerseys.  I can't tell you how excited our kids get when they can play a game with sneakers and matching jerseys.  It really makes them feel part of a team!' - Mark Crandall, Founder and CEO, H4H
We were thrilled to receive this letter as it reinforces our mission of bringing kids together to play as a team.  It doesn't matter that the jerseys in question are basketball jerseys.  Stay tuned for photos.

August 2020

Walnut Creek SC Kits for Kids program selected One Jersey. One Goal. as a recipient of 60 uniforms kits. We plan to connect the Walnut Creek players with the community we team with in Tanzania to create a learning relationship for both groups.

September 2020

Coach Fernando Vesga from Monte Vista High School in Danville hooked us up with 80+ full uniforms!  We're very happy to take them off your hands Coach!

​​2020 UPDATE

It's no secret 2020 has been a tough year for everyone. We've been working to continue our relationships with old friends and develop new ones via social media channels so we are ready to hit the ground running.  

Here are a few updates:

Three schools in the Bay Area have uniforms for us once schools are open for visitors: 

Carondalet HS in Concord

California HS in San Ramon

Diablo Valley College in Pleasant Hill​​​

International Programs

TAASA Lodge - Tanzania

​Kingdom Home - Uganda

​Kingdom Home was established in 2018 to provide a safe place to live for children who are at risk of entering the sex trade. 1 in 10 children in Uganda are orphans and in some areas up to 10% of children have been trafficked.

We want to give a big thanks to the Benicia Arsenal F.C. and Benicia High Soccer for your support and being the first to provide us with jerseys.

First group of photos from Kompheim Village Community School in Cambodia

One World Play Project soccer balls

January 2016 & July 2016
We donated 7 teams of uniforms to Drew School in San Francisco. They are sending students to Tanzania on a summer program to work with Foot 2 Africa.  Foot 2 Africa supports the Kilimanjaro Talented Youth Sports Center which works with street children and other poor children around Moshi, Tanzania.

October UPDATE -  The groups who benefited from our uniforms were:  
- Kitayosce Street Youth Football Program
- Karamba Maasai Willage
- Tumona Secondary School ( Orari Village ) Football Team

January 2017
We packaged up 4 boxes of jerseys, shorts, shin guards and 6 One World Play Project soccer balls for Hands Together.  Hands Together is a non-profit organization devoted to educating, inspiring, and encouraging people to understand the importance of responding to the needs of the poor and disadvantaged.

September 2017
Thank you Coach Steven Chappell, Northgate High School who donated multiple teams worth of jerseys, shorts and socks.

Coach Lobban and Katie

September 2015 -  We were invited to South San Jose Youth Soccer Club's opening day festivities.  The club donated over 1000 jerseys and full uniforms! Thank you Rick Opilla for contacting us. You guys ROCK!​   Here's the first 569 pieces.  5 more boxes still to open!!>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>

UPDATE: All uniforms went to Haiti in April 2016

April 2018
A parent from Highline Premier FC in West Seattle saw our soccer ball campaign on the One World Play Project site and contacted us.  She coordinated with her club to donate 100+ uniforms to One Jersey. One Goal.  Thank you to both Athena and Highline Premier FC for your generosity and joining us in helping kids come together as a team to enjoy the game of soccer.

June 2015 - While visiting family in Antigua, we gave 75 jerseys to the Young Warriors FC. When we met with the kids, we played in a scrimmage in their new jerseys.

April 2018
One Jersey One Goal went to the Dominican Republic!
From Katie Hill- 
'One Jersey One Goal provided 3 large duffel bags of jerseys and shorts for UC Berkeley student Katie Hill to take on her recent mission trip to the Dominican Republic (March 24-April1). Katie's group partnered with the Bay Area non-profit 'Here For Kids' who works with 3 orphanages in the DR as part of Kids Alive Ministries. 14 student-athletes from the west coast went to the DR to help run sports programs for the orphanages during the children's spring break (Semana Santa). The first half of the week had the 200+ kids together at a large family camp where kids were split by age group amongst activities throughout the day. Of course the favored activity was soccer (!) with pool time right behind that. They played soccer at least 4 hours a day, sometimes organized and sometimes chaos, and when the rain came down the playing didn't stop!
The second half of the week had the group in the small farming town of Constanza playing with the kids and helping the houses with small projects. The orphanage is connected to a Kids Alive school which houses the only proper soccer field in the whole town. The school is incredibly generous and allows the kids teams as well as town teams to practice and host games there. While playing on the large field was a blast, the favorite activity was 4-on-4 futsol on the basketball court where the pole was the goal. It made it a way more technical game! And if you were called for a foul, the other team got a free-kick from 10 feet away to try and hit the pole (trust me it's a lot harder than it sounds!).
We didn't get the chance to play in the donated jerseys because too many of the kids were out of town, but they are looking forward to handing them out to the orphans, the school kids, and the town teams!
We are so grateful for the generosity of One Jersey One Goal and for their love of the sport which so many share with them!'

May 2016
Big thanks to Diablo Valley College for donating past soccer, softball, and basketball jerseys and equipment.

November 2016
We sent 10 One World Play Project ultra durable soccer balls plus another shipment of jerseys to Sports Disciple in Haiti. 

December 2015 - February 2016
We launched our 3 month, One World Play Project campaign. One World Play Project make ultra durable soccer balls.  At the end of the campaign we had raised 35 balls.  We will be sending these soccer balls to the same kids who receive jerseys from us.

Here's a link to our past campaign.


April 2019
In April​ we closed our latest One World Play Project campaign.  Friends, family and complete strangers donated 27 indestructible soccer balls.  We shipped the balls to contacts in Antigua who are helping facilitate the distribution to the kids from Barbuda and the BVI's who were displaced during Hurricane Irma.  We are overwhelmed by everyone's generosity and pleased we can do a small part to bring a smile to a young face.

February 2017
In November 2016 we gave uniforms donated to us from Diablo Valley College, to a friend who was traveling to Sao Vicente, Sao Paulo, Brazil. Our friend works with Projeto Comunidade Voturua who's aim is to take the children and adolescents from the streets and guide them to making good choices instead of getting lost and going down the wrong paths to crime and drug

From Projeto Comunidade Voturua - 'here are the jerseys that you gave to Brazilian Soccer Journey Inc. 
Lucas Giannaccini; Bruno Souza and the boys from community Voturuá thank you, Sam and Katie, very much.
Your great heart and generosity brought so much joy to these boys that have so little material belongs; but for sure have a heartful of gratitude for your gesture.
May God bless your family and your cause!'

An article about One Jersey. One Goal., written by the DVC Athletic Dept.


Sam playing a game with the Young Warriors, and handing out jerseys and balls in All Saints village, Antigua

October 2018
In October, Sacramento Republic F.C. U14 boys teamed with I Choose Life - Africa, an NGO in Africa that works with families and children in Kibera, Kenya, one of the largest slums in the world.  Sacramento Republic's goal was to collect a care package of uniforms and equipment they could give to the I Choose Life team.  They contacted us asking if we'd like to help.  We were able to donate over 120 full uniforms to the boy's endeavor.  

We received news and photos from Ghana.  One shipment of jerseys, shorts, socks and shoes was sent to the International Justice Mission in Accra Ghana.  They help rescue young men and women from slave labor on the shores of Lake Volta.  Here's a message from the Rev. Robbins:
'On behalf of International Justice Mission and our clients, I want to thank you so much for the donations of the soccer cleats, jerseys, and balls.  As you can see from these pictures, they have certainly brightened up the lives of the children in shelter homes who have received them.  They are used to playing barefoot or with old worn out
shoes or in flip-flops.  The difference is dramatic and they are very excited.  Thank you!'

The Drew School kids with some of the youth in Moshi Village, Tanzania.

June 2015 - We reached out to former USA national soccer player, Landon Donovan. Landon is going to distribute jerseys to kids on his next trip.  

'Sam and Katie,
I wanted to thank you for allowing me to share in your wonderful journey.  Good luck with everything!
Landon Donovan